1. John Joubert
      IN RETROSPECT Op.159
      for string quartet or string ensemble
      Roberton 95532

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      The theme on which "In Retrospect" is based comes from a work written in my teens and first performed in the early 1940s by the strings of Cape Town Municipal Orchestra. Since both my children have grown up to be professional string players, I have dedicated each variation to one of their own four children (as indicated in the score). The work, though retrospective in both style and content, can perhaps also be regarded as looking forwards not only in its involvement with younger people, but also in its suitability for students and amateurs of all ages. (John Joubert)
      Commissioned by Mary Cohen for String Quartets from Scratch (SQFS) with funding from the Ida Carroll Trust, the first public performance took place on May 20th 2007 at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester at a concert to celebrate the composer’s 80th birthday.
      A pack containing a score and a set of parts (one of each) is on sale, but extra parts are available separately should you wish to perform this with an ensemble rather than a quartet.
      Duration 12½ minutes

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      John Joubert - In Retrospect Op.159 sc+pts (String quartet)

      Catalogue Number: 95532      9790222269231      

      Price: £10.00


      John Joubert - In Retrospect Op.159 Violin 1 part (String quartet)

      Catalogue Number: 95532-01      9790222269248      

      Price: £1.75


      John Joubert - In Retrospect Op.159 Violin 2 part (String quartet)

      Catalogue Number: 95532-02      9790222269255      

      Price: £1.75


      John Joubert - In Retrospect Op.159 Viola part (String quartet)

      Catalogue Number: 95532-03      9790222269262      

      Price: £1.75


      John Joubert - In Retrospect Op.159 Cello part (String quartet)

      Catalogue Number: 95532-04      9790222269279      

      Price: £1.75

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