1. TUCAPSKY, Antonin (1928- )
      RONDO CAPRICCIOSO for bassoon and piano
      Roberton 95522

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      Antonin Tucapsky is a Czech born composer who lives and works in London. In 1975 he was appointed Professor of Composition at Trinity College of Music, London and held this position for 21 years until his retirement. His compositions cover most spheres of music: instrumental, chamber and orchestral music, including a one-act opera "The Undertaker", but vocal and choral music dominates his creative output.
      RONDO CAPRICCIOSO for bassoon and piano was completed in 2002. There is no special programme in this demanding work - the only programme the composer had in mind is rather simple: to write a piece of good music for this characteristic and beautiful instrument.
      Duration 7½ minutes

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      Antonin Tucapsky - Rondo Capriccioso (Bassoon and piano)

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