1. Charles Camilleri
      for violin and piano

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      1.Still 2.Moon Hopping 3.Floating Clouds 4.Dancing Stars
      A set of 4 genuinely contemporary pieces for early-grade violinists. In most new string music for children ". . the only somewhat innovative ideas lie in a dissonant piano accompaniment. The violin part keeps to the same norms as always and could well have been written a hundred years ago. There is never any attempt at some facet of the more contemporary notation, so that the gap between what the children really absorb and what they are supposed to be learning is forever widening. Little Space Suite by Charles Camilleri represents one attempt to bridge this gap and, considering that there is a dearth of such music, it is very likely to become a teachers’ favourite."
      Antoine Frendo (Member of European String Teachers’ Association)

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      Charles Camilleri - Little Space Suite (Violin and piano)

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