1. John Jeffreys
      ALBUM OF FOURTEEN SONGS for voice and piano
      Roberton Publications 1542

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      Fourteen songs for a variety of voices.
      The salley gardens (4th setting)(W.B.Yeats); The salley gardens (5th setting)(W.B.Yeats); Drop, drop, slow tears (Phineas Fletcher); Brigg Fair (Traditional); The bailey beareth the breath away (Anon); Sing no sad songs for me (Christina Rosetti); The whin (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); Aspatia's song (John Fletcher); The song of love (Barry Duane Hill);The corncrake (James H.Cousins); Long to me thy coming (Padraic Pearse); Wine (Henry Carey); The quarry (Wilfrid Wilson Gibson); Season of ice (Anon)

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      John Jeffreys - Album of Fourteen Songs (Voice solo (with accompaniment))

      Catalogue Number: 01542      9790222239432      

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