1. About Sibelius SCORCH

      Many of the titles in our catalogue have been prepared using the SIBELIUS system of music typesetting which enables you to see the full score of a work on your computer using the SCORCH program.

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      Using Sibelius Scorch, you can look at each page of the score on your computer screen and, for newer scores your computer will play it for you to let you hear what it might sound like. If you do not already have the Scorch program you can download it free of charge (you only need to install this once, not every time you want to use it).

      In order to listen to the scores you will need a computer which has a sound card and speakers otherwise you will not hear anything! Bear in mind that what you will be hearing is NOT a recording of a performance but your computer “playing” the score. Consequently, the performance will only sound as good as your computer’s sound equipment. It will probably not be a concert performance but it should help to give you an idea of what the work sounds like and whether or not it is suitable for you. You will not be able to print out the score.

      You can download Sibelius Scorch by following this link http://www.sibelius.com

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